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Installer Training Courses

Field Auditor Training - ABAA Conference

April 18th - 20th, 2017
Reston, VA

Field Auditor Training course will be held on April 18-20 in Reston, VA during our annual conference.

The Field Audit training course consists of both theory and practical instruction.

The classroom portion of training emphasizes understanding the need for and function of an air barrier assembly, the ability to inspect installation and review materials for compliance with specifications, ABAA requirements, and manufacturer requirements, the ability to confirm proper installation through on-site testing and the documentation required throughout the air barrier installation process.

The classroom is divided into three main modules. The first, principles and theory, provides an introduction to air barriers, building science, codes and standards as well as installer ethics and responsibilities. The second module focuses on procedure, teaching participants about testing and audits and proper documentation and reporting. The final module of the classroom section is an overview of building enclosure construction. Participants will learn about material selection, application technology, substrate conditions and the continuity/compatibility of components.

The practical portion of the training module is carried out on a job site, or on a mock-up where an authorized ABAA representative will instruct the candidates on audit process for air barrier assemblies.

Course Length: 2.5 Days


The role of the Field Auditor is to perform quality assurance audits of air barrier assemblies on new commercial and institutional construction projects during installation. Complete audit reports, document audits with photos, and address specific areas which have noted deficiencies and require corrective action(s).

Conflict of Interest/Exclusions

The ABAA requires that all licensed auditors be impartial 3rd party contract employees. To that end, candidates employed by ABAA contractors, ABAA manufacturers or any General Contracting company are ineligible for Auditor licensing.


  • A minimum of three years of related experience (construction/inspection/quality assurance) or any equivalent combination of training and experience with working knowledge in the areas of commercial waterproofing, roofing or building envelope experience.
  • Ability to review commercial plans and specifications
  • Firm experience and knowledge of Microsoft and iOS software and other electronic reporting software
  • Completion of the ABAA Auditor 2 day training session to educate auditors on ABAA standards, requirements, materials and audit process.
  • Successfully pass the qualifying certification exam and completion of the licensing process
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills

Please submit CV or résumé to for review (please write “Attention Quality Assurance Department”) in the subject line.

Note: ABAA advises candidates that ABAA cannot guarantee any minimum amount of work an auditor will receive and, as such, all potential candidates should view this work as a supplemental source of income.

DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS: Monday, April 7 at 12:00 PM CDT.



Hyatt Regency Reston

1800 Presidents Street

Reston, Virginia, USA, 20190


Hyatt Regency Reston

1800 Presidents Street

Reston, Virginia, USA, 20190

To make your reservation: Click Here


Royals Commercial Services, Inc.

212 Najoles Road, Suite A

Millersville, MD 21108

*This is off-site from the classroom location.

About 55 minutes away from the hotel.


Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD))

Attendees are responsible for travel and hotel costs.


Please follow the link to register:



Please email us at

See you there!

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